Careful Living vol.1 “The Nature, Climate, and Fragrance Story of Tohoku”

When you are in a depressed mood due to busy days, why not reset your mood with the power of plants grown in the great nature of Tohoku? This time, the thoughts put into the aroma item delivered by the aroma brand DERICA (Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture) from Tohoku that utilizes natural materials of Tohoku I will tell you.

Aroma Brand from Tohoku -Overcoming the Great East Japan Earthquake

Located in Ishinomaki City, two hours by car from Sendai, Okatsu Town is a district with remarkable artificial decline that was devastated by the massive tsunami of 3/11. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, the residents of Ishinomaki City established the “Okatsu Rose Factory Garden” to rebuild Ishinomaki City, and beautiful flowers and herbs of the four seasons are in full bloom. The mothers called “forest fairies” carefully pick them by hand.

The Beginning Is 2018 Spring of the year. This project began with a small talk about how to make use of carefully grown herbs.Even in the current situation where the population is declining remarkably, mothers protect beautiful gardens and carefully face plants.Based on the slightly dry pesticide-free herbs entrusted with the feelings of mothers who live strongly and supplely, the result of repeated trial production was the “aroma journey Mask & Room spray” with the concept of “traveling with a scent”.

Sustainable living started with fragrance

―Upcycling the vines of grapes from wineries in Miyagi Prefecture―

After the Great East Japan Earthquake, Akiho Winery in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture was born as a base to connect local resources and promote regional revitalization. The first pruning of the vines after the harvest of the grapes carefully grown in the area is an important task to ensure that the sap reaches the flower buds sufficiently. However, a large amount of fuel is required to dispose of cranes exceeding about 1.5 tons per year. Upcycling these carefully nurtured grape vines conveys the feelings of people involved in Akibo’s land and manufacturing, and leads to consideration for the environment.

In developing this product, we brought to life a crane that should have been discarded as a lead. The grape vines grown in the powerful wilderness are all unique and give a sense of resilience to life.

Making the world HAPPY with fragrance and feminine sensibilities…

Greedy’s Aloma items, which are particular about sustainable manufacturing utilizing Tohoku’s rich natural materials and human resources, are carefully done one by one by hand in a small workshop in Ishinomaki City manufactured.

Greedy is aiming for a world where affluence circulates to everyone who lives there, including the people who pick up products, the producers of the land, and the employees who make things themselves. With aroma goods, why don’t you feel nature in your busy daily life and find an opportunity to create a margin?

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An aroma spray containing pesticide-free herbal extract from Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture. Total support for the day with refreshing mint in the morning, gorgeous rose during the day, and lavender at night. It is an herbal extract carefully hand-picked by local mothers at “Yukatsu Rose Factory Garden”.

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