Introduction of Permanent Shop vol.1 ” Japanese Crafts “

With the motto of “Connecting the Thoughts of Artisans and Workshops Nationwide”, we will introduce shops that deliver encounters with gems such as Japan crafts, Edo kiriko, Kutani ware, Nanbu Tekki Ironware, etc.

CoCo JAPAN exhibits and sells “Japan good things” and delivers the hidden charms of each Japan region to everyone.
The first part of this column we will introduce is ” Japanese Crafts “. We immediately interviewed the representative, Mr. Nariyuki Matsuzawa.

What kind of shop is “Japanese Crafts”?

Japanese Crafts is a select shop where you can meet traditional crafts from all over the Japan. All of the crafts we introduce are selected by visiting workshops and production areas directly, looking at production sites. Handmade products created by artisans with their souls are not only easy to use, but also beautiful. We will introduce only gems that we ourselves have fallen in love with, that are just in our lives that make us fun and happy.

We have a large selection of crafts from various places such as Edo kiriko, Satsuma kiriko, Nanbu Tekki Ironware, lacquer ware, tin ware, bamboo work, etc. that will enrich everyday life a little. In addition to various festive gifts, we offer attractive Japan crafts that will be appreciated as gifts for overseas dignitaries and VIPs, corporate gifts, and anniversary gifts.

Please tell us about your thoughts on Japan’s craftsmanship.

So far we have visited hundreds of companies around Japan, including kilns and workshops, and have been able to hear valuable stories. Among them, we have been very impressed by the craftsmanship and manufacturer’s commitment to manufacturing, the relationship with history, originality and ingenuity, and the precision and beauty of products. However, at the same time, it is also true that we began to feel that “these wonders may not have been sufficiently conveyed to the market.” Therefore, I decided to contribute to these developments by purchasing in-house and selling mainly in EC in Japan and overseas. Now, with the vision of “creating new points of contact for craft experiences”, we are making efforts to make crafts products.

Are there any products on display that you particularly recommend?

Kutani Ware Ikpuku Bowl Turkish Flower Urara
Refreshing Turkish blue shades create a cool space. The round form that gives comfort to the user is attached every time you use it, and you can not let go. You can enjoy a colorful space with vivid colors. There is a workshop at the foot of the venerable Kokuzou Mountain in the traditional land of Kutani, and it is produced in about three weeks through several processes from clay to one vessel. A workshop that continues to pay attention to details and spares no effort. The warmth of the soil and the thoughts of the craftsmen are put into each vessel.
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