“Omotenashi Cutlery” that supported athletes around the world

The secret story of the birth of the cutlery developed by Tsubame-shi, Niigata, which is famous for metal products, for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“Omotenashi Cutlery” that supported athletes around the world Tsubame-shi, Niigata

Tsubame-shi, which boasts a domestic production share of more than 90% of metal cutlery such as spoons and forks, has developed a new gem “Omotenashi Cutlery” for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. We will tell you the secret story of its development.

Tokyo 2020 Project Team Launch

In 2013, at the moment when it was decided to hold the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo, Mayor Suzuki of Tsubame-shi was filled with emotion and at the same time, It seems that the image of the cafeteria of the athletes’ village has emerged.
“Can you contribute something in Tsubame-shi, which boasts a domestic production share of more than 90% of metal cutlery such as spoons and forks?” The Chamber of Commerce and Industry as a whole will contribute to this festival of peace, the Olympic and Paralympic Games, and to athletes around the world. I wanted people to know the merits of cutlery made from “Tsubame”.

Environmentally Friendly “Reuse”

At the recent Olympics and Paralympics, plastic cutlery was used for reasons of efficiency and the ease of cleaning. However, Tsubame-shi’s new proposal of reusable metal cutlery this time has contributed to the reduction of waste and played a role in making the Olympics and Paralympics environmentally friendly.

What we aimed for was a good balance

Under the theme of “NIPPON”, the appearance of ibises flying straight on the surface and the flowers and cherry blossoms representing Japan are luxuriously arranged on the back side, expressing the chic of Japan people who enjoy fashionable things that are not visible like the back collar of a kimono, and conveying the aesthetic sense of Japan straight.

We were particular not only about the design but also about the ease of use. Asians have smaller mouths than Westerners, so cutlery sizes are also smaller. However, when making it at the size of the world aiming, he struggled with how to finish it in a well-balanced manner. In order to avoid becoming heavy or rugged, or slippery, the part that enters the mouth is one size smaller than the size of the West and made it easier to use.

The resulting cutlery was used in the athletes’ village cafeteria, contributing to the performance of the athletes through food, and the design with cherry blossoms and the way the ibis flew straight caught the hearts of many people. Sticking to making it easy for everyone in the world to use, the size and shape that has been thought out is the shape of “hospitality” that can be made only because of Yan. In the future, in order to pass it on to the future as a legacy, we will start using it in educational sites and welfare facilities.

This time, as the opening event of CoCo JAPAN, there is a shop where you can experience the comfort of using “Omotenashi Cutlery”. Please try to touch it once by all means. (For a limited time only until 2022.7.19~8.31)

I want to know more about metal products in Tsubame-shi!

What is the Japan Tsubame Industrial Design Competition?

Cutlery (metal tableware) such as spoons and forks that everyone usually uses. In fact, more than 90% of the cutlery produced in Japan is made in Tsubame-shi, Niigata. Tsubame-shi is home to highly skilled “manufacturing companies” and is also active in the production of houseware and miscellaneous goods. I’m sure that your family also has one “Made in Tsubame” product.

The Japan Tsubame Industrial Design Competition aims to enhance the competitiveness of the production area and achieve sustainable development by evaluating and disseminating the innovation, aesthetics, functionality, marketability, and social and environmental properties of such Tsubame products from a professional perspective.
The Grand Prix is awarded the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award, a competition with a history of more than 40 years.

Design Competition 2021 Winning Products
Design Competition 2022 Winning Products

Tsubame-shi Hometown tax special site

Attractive gift items such as a set of pots and knives that are practical and easy to use, and a luxurious copper tumbler that is perfect as a gift are lined up.