Experience the comfort of using cutlery that entertained Olympians around the world!


“Omotenashi Cutlery” that supported players around the world

Tsubame-shi, which boasts a domestic production share of more than 90% of metal cutlery such as spoons and forks, has developed a new gem “Omotenashi Cutlery” for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.
During the event, you can enjoy a meal using this cutlery that was used at the Tokyo Olympic Village.

Under the theme of “NIPPON”, the appearance of ibises flying straight on the surface and the flowers and cherry blossoms representing Japan are luxuriously arranged on the back side, expressing the chic of Japanese people who enjoy fashionable things that are not visible like the back collar of a kimono, and conveying the aesthetic sense of Japan straight.

Used in the Athletes’ Village Cafeteria, it contributed to the performance of athletes through food, and the design with the appearance of ibises flying straight and cherry blossoms captured the hearts of many people. Sticking to making it easy for everyone in the world to use, the size and shape that has been thought out is the shape of “hospitality” that can be made only because of Tsubame. In the future, we will start using it at educational sites and welfare facilities so that it can be passed on to the future as a legacy.

During the event period, click here for shops where you can experience the comfort of using “Omotenashi Cutlery”

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