Opening Commemoration! Limited-time pop-up event


【Point1】 Niigata Prefecture Tsubame-shi Fair

Period: 7.19(Tue)-8.9(Tue)
Collaboration with the world-famous “Manufacturing town Tsubame-shi” for metal Western-style tableware has been realized!
Located almost in the center of Niigata Prefecture, Tsubame-shi boasts one of the prefecture’s leading industrial zones and is famous as a “manufacturing town”. It is a major producer of metal products in Japan, and the domestic market share of Japan metal tableware accounts for more than 90%.
This time, we will deliver various events that you can touch the charm of Tsubame-shi!
1. Popular as a reward for hometown tax donation program, a large collection of metal products from Tsubame Production!
We will exhibit the award-winning products of the Japan Tsubame Industrial Design Contest, which won the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award, as well as we will exhibit the No.1 return gift in the prefecture of the hometown tax donation program for the 7th consecutive years. Why don’t you pick up and touch a number of beautiful and innovative products created by traditional techniques?
2. Lunch at a deli box using rice and vegetables produced in Tsubame-shi
Tsubame-shi is not only active in industry but also in agriculture. In the deli box of “CoCo Deli” sells at the same facility, a menu using rice and vegetables from Tsubame-shi appeared for a limited time! Koshihikari “Hien Mai” of Tsubame grown by rich soil, “Momotaro tomato”, “Motomachi cucumber”, “Marunasu” Blow away the summer heat with a limited menu.
3. Experience the comfort of using cutlery that entertained Olympians around the world!
Eat-in users of the “CoCo Deli” in the same facility can enjoy a meal using the “Omotenashi Cutlery” actually used at the Tokyo Olympic Village.
* Please ask the staff when using it.
4. Soothing Tone Hand Pan Live Performance ※7.20(Wed.) only
Do you know an instrument called a “handpan”?
It is a metal percussion instrument of a new concept born in Switzerland in 2001, and it seems that it is becoming popular worldwide for its beautiful healing tone.
“Tsubame-shi-made” hand pan manufactured by bringing together Tsubame-shi’s metalworking technology. Why don’t you be healed by its fantastic sound that also has a mysterious charm?

【Point2】 Limited Time Shop greedy

Period: 7.19(Tue)-7. 29(Fri)
The story of Tohoku’s nature, climate, and fragrance that weaves thoughts
greedy will deliver items using natural materials from Tohoku, such as room fragrances upcycled from grape vines grown at wineries in Miyagi Prefecture and mask sprays of domestic pesticide-free herbs.

The lounge attached to CoCo JAPAN is open to everyone (pre-registration is required and use is free), and a wellness-oriented deli box supervised by the hotel chef is also offered. Please come for a lunch break or refreshing yourself between work.