Sendai-shi, Miyagi Greedy Co., Ltd.The Nature, Climate, and Fragrance Story of Tohoku

Embodiment:Pop-up exhibition, PR video broadcast

Natural aroma shop using natural materials from Tohoku

At the pop-up exhibition corner, we introduced items that use natural materials from the Tohoku region to reset your mood, such as a room fragrance made from upcycled grape vines grown in a Miyagi prefecture winery, and a mask spray made from domestically produced pesticide-free herbs.

『Smelling and tasting wine may be similar to enjoying life.』

The only reed diffuser in the world made from upcycled winery grown vines. The vines nurtured in the powerful nature are each unique and make you feel the strength of life. The sustainable idea can be said to be a gem that symbolizes the current era.

Aroma Spray is an item that contains pesticide-free herb extract from Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture. Refreshing mint in the morning, gorgeous rose during the day, and lavender at night provide total support for your day. After the Great East Japan Earthquake, this herb extract was carefully hand-picked by local mothers at the Ogatsu Rose Factory Garden, which was established by residents to help rebuild Ishinomaki City.

From CoCo JAPAN staff

We exhibited at the opening event of CoCo JAPAN and had many visitors.
When it comes to aroma, there is an image that it is aimed at women, but there are also items such as “Aomori Hiba Spray” that have a refreshing scent and excellent sterilizing and deodorizing effects. Perhaps for that reason, there were male customers and business people who were interested.

One of the interesting things about exhibiting at CoCo JAPAN is that we can appeal to a different class of customers from the so-called commercial facilities, a target that we normally have no contact with.

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